Book hanger

I am pretty proud of this one! It actually worked out exactly how I was hoping, and having just created it as I went along, I actually wouldn't have changed anything! It was far easier than I had anticipated, even with the pockets having pleats and all!

Here is the book hanger that I've made for the nursery. For my little Niece and Nephew, we are "those" Aunts and Uncles who always give a book as one of their


gifts for birthdays and Christmases. So, naturally, about to become parents ourselves, we have a huge desire for our little one to be surrounded by books. I wanted to make this hanger so that books will always be on hand in her room, so that even when she but a few hours old, we can read to her.

I found this fabric and fell in love! It was everything I wanted for our nursery! I am sort of glad I didn't find it until I was half way through the decorating process though, as otherwise, I'm afraid the walls would have been covered in it!!!

Here is a photo of how the pockets sit without any books in them. It is made from one long piece of fabric, pleated at both sides, and a large pleat sewn in the middle. I knew she would have quite the library, so flat pockets just wouldn't do!

And what would we find wandering amongst the pretty trees and grass, why an elephant, zebra and horse of course!!! I love these

Incomparable Buttons

so much!!!