No-sew Tutu

I love a good tutu. I must not have been allowed to wear them when I was a little girl because not only do I seem to be making up for that as an adult, but I didn't waste any time at all dressing my little baby in one either!

I made this little tutu for Madeleine and other than wearing it around the house on a cloudy Tuesday, I waited for the perfect opportunity to bust it out in public. And last Monday night was definitely the night for it.

A Valentines Day cookie exchange

! So much to like!!! All the lovely ladies at the cookie exchange gushed over Madeleine's tutu so I thought I would put up a post on how easy it was to make! 

I love how easy things are now (how old do I sound, did I just turn 29 or 89?). Rather than buying tule that is 1m wide by as many metres as you desire, you can now buy rolls of it about 20cm wide, by 20m.... which really is just perfect for tutus!! So all I had to do was to cut my tule into pieces that were double the skirt length I wanted, and then for some folding of tule onto ribbon, that's all!

Just be sure that they are all facing the same way. 

The beauty with this technique is that you can make it any width for any size little waist.

Happy Valentine's Day (if you celebrate, we don't, other than saying YES to invitations to a Valentines Day cookie exchange!!).