Door jam cushion

As you  may have read, I really don't like 


! The trouble is, my dislike of noise is only getting stronger, because now it impacts the joy that is naptime and bedtime too! If I have battled for an hour with my 9 month old to get her to have a nap and then

my husband

 the wind slams a door shut and wakes her up....oh boy do I see all shades of red!

There are battles to fight and battles to give in to, and I discovered long ago that trying to get my house to be a silent zone, is actually not a fight worth fighting for. I want my kids to always be able to sleep through anything, and I don't want anyone to ever feel like they can't laugh in my house, ever. But, doors slamming, well that's something that can be fixed (without nagging!).

I found this 


 on Pinterest and so made a few door jam cushions for some of the doors in our apartment that are opened and closed regularly.

It was possibly the easiest little project, took all of 5 minutes to do each one, and guess what, THEY WORK!!!! If only there were such simple solutions to all of the other little battles too!!