Lamp revamp

I love mood lighting. I have always liked having lamps in a room to create a warm and cosy ambience, perfect for cosying up with a loved one or loved book. My only problem, lamps are expensive, really expensive! Well, at least they are in London and whilst I could always get one sent over from the US, I worry that with the voltage difference, I would short fuse all of Hampstead.

Here's my Pinterest


of my favourite lamps that are all far more interesting and elegant than any I have ever owned, but at least I hope to one day!!

Without exercising one ounce of creativity or style, I bought a very boring lamp. Very boring. It served the purpose though and for a few weeks I was placated by its presence. 

And then I decided to try something, anything, to make it a little more interesting! Whilst I may not have transformed it into something worthy of my Pinterest board, it at least feels a bit more fun and different. With just one roll of


tape and a strip of the same fabric that I covered the cushions with, I created the following lamp revamp:

Do you think it is a good revamp or should I just hoof it and save up for my favourite one: