Knee Pads for Dads!

So we have a bit of a routine. But only in the sense that its an order of things we do, not a set time or strict schedule, but just a general pattern. I feed Baby M her dinner, and when my hubby gets home from work he gives her a bath, reads her a story and then I give her a little milk feed before putting her to bed. It works for us. It does mean our baby goes to bed around 9, but I could never take her Daddy-time from her, so for now, I wouldn't have it any other way.

But, on the weekends, we kind of switch it up a little (apart from the pre-bed-feeds, because hubby just aint got the goods!) and so Mr M will give her dinner and I'll give her a bath. Ever since we started bathing her in the big girls bath, this has become


much less enjoyable. It hurts your knees like all buggery! And, now that I am involved in the weekend bath routine, something must be done!!!!

So, I had a wee look around the baby stores at what they propose as a solution to this problem, and mostly it was a $20 kneeling pad in garishly ugly prints that would clash with our bathroom. Gasp. No thank you. So I bought some sweet PVC fabric online for $5 and used the foam from her old baby mattress, and felt pretty certain I could make a far better knee pad, that wouldn't require you to wear sunglasses to look at it! 

It was easier to sew PVC than I was expecting, and took about an hour in total, so I kind of wish I hadn't put it off for so long. I made it a little bigger than I should have, but thought I'd just leave it that way, which definitely makes it easier to get the foam in an out of if I need to in the future. 

I have one end closing with velcro, for ease of washing and re-foaming if needs be, and attached a ribbon loop to hang it to dry at the end of each bath time. 

I presented the finished product to Mr M last night and he said...."aaah that's so nice, now my knees don't hurt anymore...." which is great, but is he angling for a foot pad......elbow pad......adjustable day bed....