Cot railing(teething) guard

A standing baby is adorable. A baby with newly-sprouted teeth is adorable. A baby who can stand and grind these adorable new teeth on her lovely cot, is less so. I'm sure I mostly worry about her teeth being damaged by the wood....but there's a little bit of me that's also worried for the wood that's being gnawed at too! But it's mostly the baby....mostly! 

Whichever it is, there's such an easy (and cute) fix, so that was my project today! 

I had only suspected that Baby M would be gnawing away on the side of her cot because she's been standing for a few weeks now, but I hadn't checked until today! The little monster has been busy!!!

So, I set to work to make a railing guard to attach to her cot to protect both her teeth and the wood. I had purchased this sweet elephant material a few months ago, and as with all my fabrics, waited for a good use. I  wanted something neutral and so thought the elephants would be perfect for the job!! 

I was kind of crafty with what I filled this guard with too. I've been using her old crib mattress for various purposes for a few months now (

knee-pad for the bath

 and a booster pad for her 


) and have kept the padded cover, thinking that it may come in handy one day. It is a quilted batting that is just perfect for this exact purpose, and I was kind of chuffed to have thought of it!

I made the elephant rail guard complete with grey grosgrain ribbon ties to attach it to the cot (we'll see how long until Baby M figures out how to untie a double knot). I am so happy with how it turned out. I think it looks super cute in her cot and set about putting it to work straight away. 

Baby M seems to like it too!!

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