Swings and roundabouts

I've had writers block this week. Writers block. Bakers block. Bloggers block. I have been busy with lots of little projects, too many projects, and none of which are finished, which makes me feel very restless! There has been more migraines and sickness over the past week and yet more happy moments and good company that I am so grateful for. On balance its been such a great week, but yet, I still feel


And what do I do when I'm feeling whelmed, I go and squeeze my little koala bear (Baby M of course) and instantly feel light as a feather. She's had the ability of cheering people up since she was a newborn. If you are crying in her company, she'll start laughing until you smile back at her. All the crabby bus folk can't help but crack a smile when she breaks into spontaneous "peek-a-boo" games with them. She just makes people happy. And so when she's sleeping, that's when I pour through the hundreds upon hundreds of photos that I've taken of her that week. And even through the lens of a camera, she has the ability to make me feel infintiely happier.

Last weekend we took her to the swings for the very first time.

She was somewhat nervous to start with, as was mummy! But here are just a few sweet photos of our little one getting her swing-legs!

I hope to push through the bloggers block quickly and if not, well, I have hundreds upon hundreds of photos I can be adding each week!!!

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