Etsy update: Liberty Flowers

Liberty London

. An iconic British brand. That I had never even heard of until about a year ago. Oops. But now that I have, I feel like it really is everywhere (in London....).  The traditional "Liberty fabric" is what this luxury department store is best known for, which is a delicate floral print, and whilst I personally couldn't pull of a 100% floral small pieces, I think it is incredibly beautiful. 

I wanted to buy some fabric and see how it would look as a sweet flower for Baby M. And I freakin loved it, and thought perhaps others would too! So I bought a few different pieces and have added some flower headbands to my Etsy store. 

Aren't these just so beautiful, feminine and dainty?! 

I love the colour combinations with the chevron being a little untraditional with this very classic line of prints, and kind of want to keep one of each for Baby M. The gold glitter in between each petal adds a little extra sparkle too!

If you love Liberty and want a little piece of Britain for a special little girl in your life, follow the link through to my


and browse the various flower options (which I will add to of course if anyone buys them before my mother orders them all!). 

megdashmade on Etsy

I am still sorting through the hundreds of photos from Baby M's 1st Birthday party last weekend, and now that family have left London, will put a post up soon on all the pretty pink and gold that was her special day!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Lets hope London sees some sunshine!!

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