Ribbon Tidy-Up

I have built up quite a collection of ribbons over the past few years, I just love them. I love wrapping presents and then tying them up with beautiful ribbons. I use ribbons for so many purposes and so its only right that I have a fair stash of options. But, when the stash begins to look like this, its time for an overhaul!

I found these large paddlepop sticks/popcicle sticks around the house and decided they would be the perfect tool to use to wrap the ribbons around. I invisaged this little project taking me ten minutes to tidy up these ribbons, but an hour later, I was still swirling away. But it was worth doing. It has reduced the space enormously and they are now all organised and neat and tidy.

Ground-breaking stuff? Perhaps not. But it was a fun little project and I think it makes a bit of a feature of something that was otherwise shoved in a box under my bed.

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