Sweet Things Cakery (GF) Review

Whether you know me personally or know me blogally, you know I love cake. I enjoy baking cakes as much as I enjoy eating them, but it has been a love lost a little since becoming gluten intolerant. I am finding ways of making GF cakes taste okay, but they still have a different taste and texture and it makes me a little bit sad. So when I heard of  

Sweet Things

, a


cakery in Primrose Hill who make some gluten free cupcakes, I knew i had to get myself there IMMEDIATELY! (Ok, and so immediately turned into 6 weeks later that we found time on a leisurely Sunday morning to walk there... but you know!). 

First off, Primrose Hill is gorgeous! Who knew!!! We loved the park and views over London and found the High Street to be very charming. 

Upon entering the store, you are inundated with "sweet things'. They are literally everywhere!!!!

How incredible are these tabletops?! It confused the heck out of my little 1 year old, but I enjoyed the novelty factor without the frustration, and thought it was such an effective way to decorate a cakery without spending a fortune! (by the way, cakery, cool huh!).

But enough chit chat about decor, lets go inside and taste the goods...For the non-flour-challenged amongst you, you would be more than content with the range of flavours available. Apparently the Salted Caramel is their best seller, but the Peanut Butter, Eton Mess and Oreo looked pretty good too!

But of the 6 different GF cupcakes that were available when we were there, vanilla was the only non-chocolate option and so was my choice/only hope!

And so I took them both! Haha oops. 

And they certainly lived up to my


high expectations.




But not too sweet.

Cupcake tasting, not xantham gummy at all.

Buttercream frosting that tastes the most similar to mine that we've found from a bought store.

I was a happy girl! I would go as far as saying that it was the best gluten free cupcake I've ever had!!!!!!

And fresh off the bat of her own birthday cake, there was a certain other little girl who wanted some too!!!

It was a raging success all round and we are definitely going to be back at Sweet Things again soon. I have a friend who just so happens to live in Primrose Hill, I think we may need to meet on her turf more often from now on!!!

I mean, even the toilets had appropriately sweet artwork too!!


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