Confetti-filled Balloons

One of my favourite decorations I made at Baby M's

First Birthday

, were the confetti-filled balloons. Mr M and I were so excited to put them up and see how they would look, and I was so pleased with them. I think they made the room look so festive and beautiful, and it was exactly how I had dreamed the room to look. They were so much more exciting than regular balloons, so much so that I've decided my Etsy store needed some confetti-filled balloons to share!

confetti-filled balloons
confetti-filled balloons

It seems a few other people liked them too, as I keep getting asked where I got them from. The answer is that they were meg-made! I had a quick search on Etsy to see whether you could buy them, and alas, you could not. So, I thought I would help the confetti-filled-balloons-starved-party-people!!

If you liked the balloons I had for Baby M's party, click through to my


store and choose some colours that will work for your next celebration. 

I will make them pretty much in whatever combination you like, so don't feel constrained by the options currently listed. 

And now I have an excuse to have confetti-filled balloons on my ceiling again, happy days!!!

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