July Foodie Penpal

I am really enjoying being part of the Foodie Penpal, it is so much fun. I love receiving a goodie parcel each month and wondering what is going to be inside this month. I love getting to know the pen pal that I am buying for too, and finding out what challenges face me this month!! 

I had Maya this month, and apart from being a vegan who is allergic to wheat, she also wanted a healthy parcel!! I truly don't know any vegan/non wheat food that


pretty much healthy, but it was still fun to have these constraints. My favourite item that I found was popping corn that was still on the cob, that you pop straight in the microwave, with bags provided of course. I wish I had of bought one for me too, they looked fun. I got a mix of other healthy snacks and treats and hope Maya enjoys it all, without guilt!!

Angie from 


had the task of buying for me this month. I knew from the get-go that it would be a fun and well thought-out parcel because she was so engaging and "up for the challenge" of having me as her pen pal. I am tricky to buy for, I really do know that, but month after month, I get such awesome treats, and this month was definitely no exception! How good does all of this look?!

The selection of teas look amazing and I have packed them away to take with me to the USA. I have a soft spot for Chai, it is my all time favourite tea, so am most excited to try another brand of chai. The lavender earl grey is the next tea I am most interested in, as I like lavender and I like earl grey, I wonder how they will go together. I suspect well, and I suspect I will make lavender earl grey cupcakes soon. Watch this space!

I like the selection of snacks. I am obsessed with Nakd bars. They are wicked. They don't look like much when you unwrap them, but they are healthy, gluten free, tasty, filling, sweet, and fill a void in the afternoon when I have my milk cravings!! 

Cooking supplies - love them all! I am out of potato flour Angie, how did you know!!! I am also out of cinnamon sticks, because I use them all the time! I have ground cinnamon as a back up, but nothing compares to the real thing. And the vanilla looks so fancy, I'm excited to give it a go and see if it is any different to the extract I use. 

Now, these biscuits, they look ordinary, sound ordinary, but can create something EXTRAordinary!!!!! (not extra-ordinary, to be clear). 

I used these biscuits as the base of a Mango Curd Marscapone Cheesecake, recipe HERE, and my gosh, they were divine. 

I made them for friends at a picnic around the corner from our house, and just loved them. I made six for the six of us, big mistake! Should have made 20! We all nailed them within a few minutes, and nobody could believe that they were gluten free. So, huge thank you for these little gems, will be looking for them everywhere I go!!!

Thank you so much Angie, I really really enjoyed my parcel and appreciate the time and effort you went to for each item. I hope you had such thoughtful goodies too!!! 

If you're interested in joining the Foodie Penpals, the European set-up is organised through 

Rock Salt

, follow the link to find out more and to sign up. The set-up in the USA is through 

The Lean Green Bean

. It really is so much fun so if you enjoy trying new foods and meeting more people in the blogging community, get involved!!

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