Update: Chai Frappe - - - Chai & Baileys Sorbet

It was only yesterday that I posted about making a

Chai Frappe

. I am here to tell you that you can just add a step to that frappe and turn it into an awesome sorbet!!!

Which is exactly what I did because I made a double batch of it yesterday!!

So, to recap, we have our blended spices, ice, almond milk, dates, vanilla and salt and it looks like this...

And so then, add some Baileys, or other alcohol of your choosing (which helps keep the freezing level lower) and then freeze overnight or a few hours until fairly solid. 

Chop up and put into a food processor and blend until creamy. It's amazing how this actually turns it from an icy slop into creamy dreamy heaven! Eat straight away, or if you've been a little over-ambitious and done all this in the morning, you'll need to refreeze until dessert time (or until at least after noon when its a little more socially acceptable to enjoy Baileys). 

I will admit, mine was a little icy still, but it didn't harm the flavour one bit. I think its because of all the refreezing that went on. You could definitely make this as a sorbet from the start, in which case I wouldn't add the ice to start with, you'd just make the sugar syrup and use almond milk, as per sorbet instructions


The Baileys and Chai complement each other like peas and carrots (I have had Forrest Gump on my mind lately because now that we have a baby who walks, she no longer crawls much, and so I say each day "If I was goin' somewhere, I was walk'ngggg"). I make a killer tiramisu that is based on these flavours and think I really need to do more with them! 

So, if you like Chai, and you like Chai Frappe's, you're going to love Chai & Baileys Sorbet too!!

AND, if you're in the Southern Hemisphere and reading about frappe's and sorbets is making your already cold toes curl, how about adding a dash of baileys to your amazing authentic local chai......mmmm....

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