A little bit more Liberty

Just a quick little Etsy update again for you this fine Saturday!!

Up until this point I have had two fairly separate products for sale on my



There's been the Liberty London baby headbands (and Maddie Bow too)..

And then there's been the party supplies, namely the meg-made Confetti-filled balloons. 

The thought crossed my mind that I should make confetti out of Liberty London fabric, but I know it just wouldn't showcase the beauty and intracaseies of the Liberty fabrics, and so went down the bunting and foodpicks route. 

I love how pretty and dainty they look!! The Liberty fabrics work perfectly to serve as the finishing touch to any special delicacy. 

We had our dear friends The Bells over today to catch up about all of our recent adventures, and so I made the

Orange & Almond

cake for them. I snapped a few quick photos of the new products before we ate the cake...and good thing I got in quickly, we ate the entire cake! Nom nom nom. 

Stay tuned for more Etsy updates. Now that I am back in one place for longer than 6 days, I have so many projects I can get started on. First item on the agenda, a solution for Baby M's cold ears and fingers!! Watch this space!

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