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Halloween has never really been a big thing growing up in Australia. We were aware of it, and each year there was always a kids in the neighbourhood Trick or Treating, but it was never really a big deal. And then we moved to the UK and it was a bit more of a big deal with a few carved pumpkins dotted about, but still nothing like I've seen in the movies!! One day I hope I live in the US and get to experience a proper Halloween.

Until then though, I'm going to celebrate Halloween in my own little way.... 

On my 

Etsy store

 I have just added a seasonal kit of 

Halloween Spooks

! For a short time only I will be offering my meg-made Confetti Balloons in the seasonal orange and black, along with some adorable Witches Hats food picks. 

The Balloons are practically bursting with ghoulish festivity...

And the adorable picks will go perfectly atop a pretzel skeleton cupcake, or exposed brain cauliflower bites, or any other creative menu item that you've dreamed up...

So if you need a few finishing touches for your Halloween Do, these meg-made Confetti Balloons and food picks will be sure to impress all the Tricksters on October 31!

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