Fast Diet - Week 4 - #LoseDayTuesday

Week four of the 

5:2 Fast Diet

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I can't believe I am in week four already. One definite change in the past week is my body's adjustment to fast days. No longer do I wake up desperate to eat first thing now. I can usually wait until around midday to have my first meal for the day now. I find it incredible how quickly that has changed for me, as I used to require breakfast within half an hour of being awake!!

Another change for me is how I feel about myself. This would most likely be due to getting stuck into pilates again and enjoying feeling my muscles again, the return of some old friends!!! Even though there still hasn't been much of a change on the scales yet, I just feel more confident, and that in itself is a huge change. 

Lunch - Sweet Potato Wedges

Not unlike the Sweet Potato Fries I posted about last week, but the wedges packed a little more punch!! I still had the same amount, cooked with low-cal oil spray, but added some chopped coriander along the way to change the taste somewhat!! They are a very high calorie snack though, I'm not sure I should be using up so much of my quota on a humble yam!!

meg-made: 5:2 Diet recipes - sweet potato wedges
meg-made: 5:2 Diet recipes - sweet potato wedges

Snack - Cinnamon Cottage Cheese

This is a slightly odd one, I admit. When I was living in a share house throughout University I lived with a Canadian girl Laura, who in her spare time, was a health nut! She would take me out for "park sessions" which sounded so enticing, but involved whipping my butt into shape through cruel and unusual measures. But she also ate some things that at the time seemed kind of loopy to me, but have stuck with me as sensible ways to snack without overloading in calories. This cottage cheese snack comes from her. It is SO simple - combine cottage cheese and cinnamon, mix and eat! 

meg-made: 5:2 Diet recipes- cinnamon cottage cheese
meg-made: 5:2 Diet recipes- cinnamon cottage cheese

Dinner - Garlic & Chilli Prawn Salad

Discovering that seafood generally is low calorie was a very important discovery last week. I love seafood endlessly, so being able to eat it, even on a fasting day, makes for one very happy Meg.  I created this meal out of the basis of a Thai Beef Salad that I have made and loved for years and years.  I just searched for it on meg-made to link to it and realised somehow it has been overlooked for a post, so that will be remedied soon!!

I marinated the prawns in finely chopped chilli, garlic and coriander. Usually I would add oil to the marinate, but didn't for this recipe and the prawns were still well infused and tender. I made a simple green salad and really just grabbed whatever was in the fridge. I used mixed greens, red onion, red pepper and sliced cucumbers. All of these are low-calorie veggies too. I wanted a little sauce to toss over the whole salad, and so combined light soy, freshly squeezed lime juice and a drop of agave nectar. It just gives it a tang and ties all the flavours together.

meg-made: 5:2 Diet recipes - garlic and chill prawn salad
meg-made: 5:2 Diet recipes - garlic and chill prawn salad

This prawn salad is an explosion of flavours in an otherwise fairly bland day, a very welcomed meal to finish the day of fasting. 

meg-made: 5:2 Diet recipes - garlic and chilli prawn salad
meg-made: 5:2 Diet recipes - garlic and chilli prawn salad


I noticed that I wasn't drinking enough water until it was too late in the day, so even though I didn't get a headache, I certainly noticed it the following day. I was dehydrated for sure. 

Total calories for the day = 415


I did two classes of Reformer Pilates this past week, and one cardio session. I wanted to work out one night but it was miserable outside, so I ran up and down the stairwell for 30 minutes. I did lots of funny things out there in the privacy of darkness and with the accomplice of some funky music. I may have in done some dancercise!! 

Weight loss?

Total loss to date = 1.3kg (2.86lbs). Only a small loss this week, but still a loss so I'll take the win! I am so impatient, I just want to see the kilos drop off, but I guess I'm not doing enough on my non-fasting days for that to happen. I am toying with the idea of a 3rd fasting day, potentially doing a 1,000 calorie day in addition to the two regular 500'ers. Does anyone know if this would be a good idea?? 

Are you doing the Fast Diet?? Have you had a good experience or know any good tips to share? I would love to hear success stories or advice, there are definitely some easier days than others, so lets share how to achieve them!!!

meg xx