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It's Wednesday night, a usual non-posting day for me, and as I sat down to log in to blogger for the first time in 7 days... I realised, crap, I forgot to do my regular Fast Diet post yesterday AND haven't even told you if I achieved my 30 to 30 Plank Challenge!!!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you'll know without a doubt that I had a gloriously spectacular reason for not posting, as we had to sadly wave farewell to my beloved Matterhorn yesterday!! We had the most amazing weekend in Zermatt and I completely and utterly forgot all about diets, calories, exercise and just enjoyed being out in the fresh (and cold) air and drinking lots of tea (and champagne) to toast my 30th!! 

Rather than scramble together a post I thought instead to just have my regular Fast Days tomorrow and Monday and resume "regular programming" next week. I feel like the amount of incidental exercise I got by dragging my baby in her sled around Zermatt should have hopefully zero'd the fondue and rosti's....but lets be real, there was a lot of potato consumed!!

So, apologies if you were looking forward to an inspiring tale of self-restraint and will power, you have come to the wrong girl! I did however reach day 30 (of my plank challenge) so will let you know the results of that soon I promise!

As London welcomed us home with cold and unfriendly arms it's a good thing I have some fairly wicked plans this weekend to look forward to! I'm going to keep my Saturday plans a secret incase I fail miserably (and then I may remove my food blog from the blogosphere and never cook again) but Sunday is going to be a lovely afternoon tea with a lovely group of Kiwi's, and me, their token Aussie to poke fun at for stealing their Pavlova!! 

And just because it still makes me's Madeleine sleeping for an hour on the main streets of Zermatt! 

Thanks for your patience and tolerance, I realise my photos were often and many!!!!

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