meg-made it to The Spaniard's Inn Hampstead (review)


Spaniard's Inn

is one of those iconic British pubs that you picture when you think of rolling green hills in the English countryside. But this one, is in London, between Highgate and Hampstead in fact. And we just love it. 

It is one of London's oldest pubs and literary greats like Keats and Dickens are thought to have penned some important works whilst having a pint at the Spaniards. Dotted throughout the Spaniards Inn are publications that are suspected to be written within its very walls, such as The Pickwick Times, Ode to a Nightingdale and Dracula.

It was built in 1585 and to this day has retained much of its architecture and charm (including the odd charming gentleman clientele). I love the low ceilings, it is the warmest pub in the world on a cold winter's day in London!

If you're hoping to pop in for lunch on the weekend, you're going to be disappointed, it will be heaving!! But if you are in the slightly off-peak times, it is one of our favourite places to spend a few quiet hours. 

There are little nooks and tables everywhere in the main dining section by the fireplace, and a massive beer garden out the back (which, has cover, heating and fairy lights, perfect for a whole hoard of kids to run around and play while you tuck into some food). 

The food is seasonal British classics with a modern influence. We are partial to their Sunday Roasts and my Husband swears by the fish and chips, which are more lightly battered than most other pubs.

But I seem to always order the burger! Which, looks delicious in both forms: the regular order, and the bun-free option. And a side note, the mustard mayo is a killer, it's divine!

And we love their alcohol selections - they have some great Australian wines (Yering for example, which is where we were married); and they serve real ales and always have a fun variety on tap.

If you find yourself with an afternoon free in London, go for a wander around the Heath and then stroll up to the Spaniards Inn and while away the hours, in good company of some brilliant minds. 

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