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Welcome to meg-made. My name is Meg and I am the wife/mum, cook, traveller and glitter thumb behind meg-made. I love sharing all of these facets of my life and feel so blessed to have this outlet for my creativity. I started meg-made when my daughter Madeleine was 6 months old, and so I started my blog, and then soon after started my Etsy store. Here's a little bit more about me...

I've been with my Husband for more than half of my life, we met when I was just 15 and have been together ever since (yes yes, I'm now in my 30's). I have only been a mum for 2 years, but they have been the most rewarding and special years of my life. I couldn't imagine my life without these two, they make the stars sparkle. 

ANOTHER Aussie in London, there's nothing new there. But when I flick through my photos I realise we actually do a lot of travel (42 flights within my daughters' first two years) and go to some pretty spectacular places. Our "must travel" list is broken down by seasons, we love experiencing the best the destination has to offer!

I LOVE cooking. I LOVE baking. I can't choose which I love the most out of these two, because to me they are so completely different and require totally different frames of mind. If I am feeling out of control and have too many things going on, I can hold onto my whisk and focus on baking and be instantly soothed.

Some people have a green thumb, but I have a glitter thumb. I love being crafty and am always changing elements of our house, usually by adding gold or a touch of glitter. I started my Etsy store as a place to showcase my creative pursuits, and get so much enjoyment from planning themed events!

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